How football affect my life

My parents still have season tickets, but since I moved out and started working for London Escorts, I’m really bad at following it, but any time I go back home to Manchester, I’m always like, “Uh, hey Mom and Dad. “How’s City doing?” There was like, a cup final said Berkshire Escorts.

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See, I don’t even know. There was a cup final or something and it was Manchester City versus someone, another team, I can’t remember. Something happens when you’re a football fan that you just immediately sink back into it and like, that game, it ended up going to penalties and it felt like life or death. Like, you just, your heart is racing, like everything, your whole happiness like, rides on this moment. And we won, we won.

And then, it’s the Euro’s at the moment. So, even though I’m not a big fan of nationalism, I’ll always support England. But I love the Euro’s, I love doing sweepstakes. The street where my parents live in Manchester, we always do a sweepstake. We have all of the different families that live on the street and it’s just a great way to get into it and not have to support England. Am I right?

This year, I’ve got Northern Ireland. So, I mean, great. Another thing that seriously shocked me was about women’s football. Women were banned from playing football between 1921 and 1971. That’s a whole 50 years that women weren’t allowed to play professional football and people say now like, “Oh, there’s not as much money in women’s football.” “The female players aren’t as good.” And all of this and it’s like, it’s because we missed out on 50 years of investment.

50 years of being banned, like literally banned to play is obviously going to put women’s football behind men’s. I did some Googling. Turns out Manchester City’s women’s team, top of the league. Yes, my ladies. It’s how women sometimes feel like they have to blend in when they’re watching sport and oh my God, this resonated with me so much because whenever I’m at a city game, I genuinely have no idea how to celebrate. There’s this thing where everyone’s, their voices are deeper than you and when City score, everyone’s like, “Yeah!” But, that’s not how I celebrate. But I always like go into that and it feels so uncomfortable and unnatural to me, but also, I don’t wanna be like (screaming).

Like screaming at the highest pitch, like just going absolutely insane because then I’ll feel like I stand out and I don’t want to like, put my femininity in people’s faces. There’s just something about being a female sports fan in a male dominated environment and trying to hide your femininity.

That’s something that I definitely felt and it was in the book and I felt so validated by that. Like, yeah, I do that and I shouldn’t be doing that. I should be allowed just to like scream and go crazy and do whatever my body like, naturally feels like it wants to do when it’s celebrating. Okay so, I gave up football.


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