How to choose the perfect escort

How do you choose the perfect escort? A lot of gents who are new to dating escorts might be interested to find out how to choose the perfect escort. Susi, from Chiswick escorts, has joined us here today to talk about first time dating and how to choose the perfect escort. It is not always easy for gents who are new to dating escorts, says Susi. After all, more and more gents are beginning to date escorts after perhaps a divorce, or the breakdown of a relationship. They do not want to have to expose themselves to dating regular ladies again as they feel emotionally vulnerable after the end of their previous relationship, says Susi.

Okay, says Susi, the first thing you want to do is to decide whether you would like to date a blonde or brunette. Here at Chiswick escorts we have some beautiful girls at your pleasure. You can date exciting ladies from Brazil, or lovely English ladies. We also have a really exotic Japanese girl who a lot of gents like to date. She gives them the full geisha experience, and if you suffer from stress this can be a really beautiful experience. She is such a nice and calm person that a lot of gents do like to spend time with her.

Then, you need to take a little look at what services your escort offers. It all depends on what you are after, but we have a little bit of everything here at Chiswick escorts. Our most popular service for our gents is still one-on-one dating, but we have started to vary that service a lot. We find that some of the senior gents that date with us do prefer dinner dates and massage dates. So, we focus on providing these and ensure that our girls are correctly prepared for them.

Massage dates are very popular from Chiswick escorts, says Susi. Now, there is a lot of different massage techniques out there, and it can be difficult to keep tabs on them. We try to offer as many different techniques as possible and the girls love to train. In the last couple of months we have even trained a couple of girls to deliver Japanese style Nuru massages which can be very nice. It is a very gentle technique and is perfect if you suffer from stress, or feel tired after a long day at work, says Susi.

In the future, we hope to be able to bring on even more services here at Chiswick escorts. A couple of our gents have just come back from Las Vegas and they enjoyed a couple of sauna dates. It turns out that this is the latest craze to sweep Las Vegas. It means simply that you meet your favorite escorts in a sauna, and she gives you a massage with the finish of your choice. I am not sure that we are going to adopt it here in the UK but it might just become popular. It is another way of delivering massages.

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