Tips for Setting Up the First Date with Your Sugar Daddy

When you have been on a Sugar Daddy website for a few days, you are likely to have had some interest if you profile is attractive enough. It is important that you communicate online with your potential Sugar Daddy first of all. Make sure that you find out as much as you can about him. One top tip that I gave my friends at Belvedere escorts, is not to hook up with a Sugar Daddy who is not happy to give you his name or even personal contact details. You do get some weirdos and sexual predators on Sugar Daddy sites, and you should be careful that you do not make any dates with them accidentally.

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The first time you meet your Sugar Daddy, make sure that you meet in a public place. When I am not too busy at Belvedere escorts, I date a few Sugar Daddies, and I have always met them in public places first of all. Some Sugar Daddies would like you to come to their home, or a hotel room. I would strictly warn against that. You never know who you are going to meet, so meeting someone on neutral ground first of all, is for your own safety.

On your first date with your Sugar Daddy, make sure you get to know him as much as you can. Find out where he works, and then just try to check up on him a little bit. Most gents are genuine, but there are some Sugar Daddies who create fake profiles. If you don’t feel comfortable at all, just finish your drink or meal, and go home. From my experience with Belvedere escorts, I know that there are a lot of gents out there who would like to take advantage of girls like you.

If you Sugar Daddy suggests that you go somewhere after your date, don’t go back to his place or your place. Alarm bells should really be ringing now, and you should be wondering why he would like you to leave the public place that you are in. If he offers you money, I think that you should be especially careful. Why should a genuine gent offer you money, and ask you to come home with him. Do what the girls at Belvedere escorts do, ask yourself what this man is all about.

Giving you a small gift is okay, but if he mentions that it comes with some special terms and conditions, ensure that you know what they are. I would not recommend accepting gifts in exchange for sex. Some Sugar Babes do, but I make it very clear to my gents what I am all about. To be honest, I think that working for Belvedere escorts has taught me a lot about dating Sugar Daddies. If you are an escort, I would recommend not to mix up your escort service duties and your Sugar Babe duties. It can do you more harm than good, and you may even find you get fewer dates if you mix things up.

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